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In the eightees, Alides Hidding rose to great height in the pop world with the band Time Bandits. This Dutch band made national and international appearances and gained success all over the globe.

Alides Hidding is still performing and shares his passion for music with his current audience or plays his hits for his fans. Alides is still going strong; he is a born musician, singer, composer and entertainer.

Experience Alides's sound as a singer and guitarist. He has selected a repertoire which enables him to share an huge amount of energy and passion with you. Alides performs as a singer and guitarist with his own backing band, consisting of a bass player, guitarist and drummer.


In 1981, the Time Bandits scored a big dance hit with "Live it Up", which even reached no. 1 in the American Dance Charts. In 1983, the song "I'm Specialized In You" reached no. 2 in the Dutch top 40. It was a gigantic hit which sold over 90,000 copies in The Netherlands and five times as many in France. And the next single" Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice" also made it to the top 10. 


In October 1983, the single I'm "Only Shooting Love" made it to the top 10. And yes, the band got what it deserved, and broke through internationally. The single did very well in France, America and Australia. The Time Bandits went on tour to Australia and New Zealand. In 1984, The single "Reach Out" reached the top 40 and in 1985 "Endless Road" became a hit. In the meantime, Alides had been invited by Dan Hartman to write songs and left for the United States.


In October 1985, the single "Dancing On A String" became a hit followed in 1986 by "I Won't Steal Away," written by Alides Hidding and Dan Hartman.


During that year the band regularly went on tour to other European countries, among which France and Portugal.

In 1987, Alides went to America again to work on new material with Dan Hartman, resulting in the singles "We'll be dancing," Wildfire" and the album 'Can't Wait For Another World'. After four successful albums, Alides Hidding decided to put a stop to the Time Bandits. The singer, guitarist and songwriter moved to Los Angeles in the US, where he wrote songs for artists like Jennifer Rush, Helen Schneider, Trini Lopes and The Nylons. He wrote these together with other composers like Dan Hartman (Relight My Fire), Charlie Mitnight and Dwayne Hitchings. In addition, he wrote the film score for the cartoon series Star Street. 


Current Line Up:

Alides Hidding – vocals & guitar
Åke Danielson – keys & vocals
Gerold Olieberg – bass guitar
Olaf Noordanus – drums


Time Bandits are available for world wide bookings.

Alides Hidding can also be booked as a solo or guitar duo. Please find more info about his solo work here.


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