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Peter Godwin is well known as the lead vocalist with Metro, as well as being an international solo artist and succesful songwriter. 

Peter's work includes 'Criminal World', which was covered by none other than David Bowie and international dance hits 'Images of Heaven', 'Baby's in the Mountains' and ' Emotional Disguise'. 

Also he co-wrote all the songs on Steve Winwood's US hit album 'Nine Lives', including the single 'Dirty City' which featured Winwood reunited with Eric Clapton.

Recently Peter has played guitar on several mixes for Katy Perry, Paloma Faith, Adele, Bjork and others and released an album with Bryan Ferry producer Johnson Somerset under the name 'Nuevo'. 

His songwriting credits range even further! From Marc Almond to Nathalie Gabay to Reggie Magloire (In Deep, Technotronic) to Ronny, The Drifters, Duncan Brown and of course Bowie and Winwood.

Hans Zimmer has performed with Peter both live and on his records.

The catchy hit song 'Images of Heaven' was used by Gus van Sant for his new film 'Don't Worry, He Won't Get That Far On Foot' which stars Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Roony Mara and Jack Black.

Encouraged by his fans Peter recently decided to start get back on stage again and his performance at W-Festival in Belgium with 30.000 people attending kicked things off again! Peter is available for performances all over the world which would of course include his hit songs as well as some new material.


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