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With worldwide hits such as the classics “Digging Your Scene” and “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way”, they became household names but there was always so much more going on with these simian soulsters. The Blow Monkeys are unique. The original four members are still together after a roller-coaster career spanning over 35 years. Always making new music, always stretching musical boundaries. 


Their relentless desire to move forward, to collaborate, to be socially engaged and to have something to contribute. Back in the 80’s they worked with people as varied as Curtis Mayfield, Paul Weller, Cheb Khaled and even Jamaican Toaster EEK-a-Mouse!. “No band since The Clash in

their early 80’s heyday had attempted to act as a sounding board for such politically engaged, eclectic music”

Dr Robert even took time out to release one of the UK’s first homegrown ‘house’ records “Wait”, his top 5 duet with Chicago soul diva Kym Maselle.

And so the journey continues. Reformed in 2008 The Blow Monkeys have released four new albums and played hundreds of gigs. Reinvigorated and reconnecting with a new audience, they are a sight to see. Timeless, funky and smart.


Dr Robert continues to write an avalanche of soulful, spiky classics, ably assisted as ever by his fellow travellers. These Monkeys continue to evolve. From their beginnings on the underground club scene right through to their appearance on the biggest selling soundtrack of all time “Dirty Dancing” and beyond. 


Following the success of The Blow Monkeys latest album the self released "If Not Now ,When?" in 2015 the band are ready to record a new studio album in 2017 and carry on spreading the love and sharing the music out there "live" once again!

Since they reformed in 2008 The Blow Monkeys have been recording and performing again with almost indecent haste. This is a chance to catch a legendary band with all four original members performing at the peak of their powers with a mix of "classic hits" and brand new songs - all infused with that enigmatic simian soul.


The Blow Monkeys will be forever synonymous with those international hit songs from the 80’s such as “Digging Your Scene” and “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way”, with Dr Robert the iconic frontman. But the man himself prefers to live in the present: “We’ve made four albums in the last six years since we reformed. We’re on a roll! It’s not about nostalgia and never will be. Of course we play the old songs live and love doing them, but the buzz also

comes from doing something new. Our audience is hip enough to know that.”


Live, the band are a sight to behold. Mick Anker on bass, the man who used to wear sideburns topped off with a bowler hat, continues his mesmeric swaying ways whilst playing intricate bass lines of funk and grace. Neville Henry, multi instrumentalist best known for his achingly beautiful tenor sax lines and stylish suits. Tony Kiley on drums, a powerhouse from the valleys of South Wales, who can explode like Buddy Rich and swing like Gene Kruppa.

And of course Dr Robert, the iconic front man and songwriter, spouting opinions and poses in equal measure with a canny sense of knowing and a suitcase full of killer songs. 


So here we have it, a "must see" band! Invigorated, charged and on a roll, playing their unique and unmistakable Blow Monkey boogie. Long may they swing...


The Blow Monkeys are available for a full band performance or Dr Robert is available for solo acoustic performances.


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