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Six Degrees Entertainment is a full service international artist agency providing booking services, artist management and PR. We operate world wide through our network of trusted partners and our local representatives based throughout Europe. 

We are specialised in providing live music for a whole range of events including festivals, corporate events, hotel entertainment, venues, clubs, theatres, TV shows, congresses etc. Our range of clients includes promoters, venue and theatre bookers, event companies, hotel managers, cruise companies and media production companies. 

We take pride in our extensive catalogue of top artists and the large network of trusted contacts we have in the music industry. 

So, if you can't find the specific artist you have in mind on our roster, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get the entertainment you want!

At Six Degrees Entertainment we pull out all the stops to make your event an unforgettable experience. Apart from booking live music we can also supply proper PA systems, lighting, catering, logistics, backline for your event. Plus we have exclusive (social) media PR packages available which will make your event stand out even more.

Are you a touring artist or band? We would love to take care of your social media marketing as well to put you firmly into the spotlight. Get in touch and ask for our possibilities.

Mandy Taylor-Slangewal

Owner Six Degrees Entertainment


General Sales Enquiries:

Mandy Taylor-Slangewal

Owner Six Degrees Agency / Entertainment
All  (booking) enquiries


Languages: English, Dutch, German

Kath Saunders
Bookings: All territories


Languages: English


Marianne Batelaan

Bookings: The Netherlands & Belgium


Languages: Dutch, English

Press enquiries:


Our Terms & Conditions apply on all our bookings. 

You can find them here or ask our team for a copy.

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