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The music of George Baker doesn’t need any further introduction! Through the years, his hits were used in popular movies or commercials worldwide, or other international artists are recording his music.


Tom Jones got his number one hit in a.o. England with “Little Green Bag”  and the song was also used in the movie Reservoir Dogs of Quintin Tarrantino. His other worldwide hit, the song “Una Paloma Blanca”, was used in 2008 in the international movie hit “ The Kiterunner” and was also used in many international commercials!



It all started in 1967 when George Baker applied as a singer for the band “Soul Invention” and it was also the period he discovered his talent as a songwriter. Back in 1969, when the band did a successful audition for the record company “Negram”, 3 songs were recorded, which were written by George Baker. One of the songs was “Little Green Bag”, and the band changed the name into The George Baker Selection.



The song became a worldwide hit and got into the nr5 position in the US Billboard Top 100! The years after, the successes became bigger and bigger and the highlight was absolutely the song “Una Paloma Blanca”, which sold over the 9 million records!


Those two songs, “Una Paloma Blanca” and “Little Green Bag”  are still real evergreens which are knowned all over the world and everybody can sing along with those two songs.


Next to these two songs, there were more hits but in 1978 the band quit, after selling more than 20 million records and thousands of shows all over the world.


George Baker became a solo artist with a few hits but…

In 1985 it was time for a new George Baker Selection, and the first release of the band, “Santa Lucia By Night”, became a big hit right away! There were new golden records and worldwide tours, until it was enough… in 1989 the band quit! The restart of George Baker solo again…


He is still going strong, the last couple of years he did many shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and the rest of Europe and Asia. Next to that he also released three albums.


Nowadays, at the age of 72, George Baker is still not ready, the music is where he lives for and he is still spending hours and hours in his studio and on stage! The sky is the limit!

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