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BORIS (a.k.a. Bo Saris) is a famous Dutch singer / songwriter who started his professional career in music at the beginning of this century.

In 2004 he gained his first big success with his album 'Rely On Me', which topped the charts from the first day of release. Since then his career has been a series of highlights.


His four studio albums on Decca and Sony / BMG have been released in over 20 countries over the past 10 years. He shared the stage with artists like Angie Stone, John Legend and Nile Rogers, wrote & collaborated with artists like Chase & Status and Bondax, just to name a few. 

His music has been featured in blockbuster movies like 'Fifty Shades of Grey', several VH1 series in the US and television commercials in the UK.


Listening to Boris' records makes it obvious that this young man has been inspired by the entire spectrum of mainly black music. Influences by greats like Marvin Gaye, Bill Whithers, Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson and Sly Stone are easily heard.


Unfortunately clichés are there for a reason. White Boris was sculpturing his international breakthrough, his rise went - because of a conflict with his ex- business partner - hand in hand with falls. Boris was forced to give up his artist name Bo Saris.


Due to these circumstances Boris had to change his game drastically. He needed to let go of the past. His spirit created an awakening (to speak in his own words) and Boris used this period of extreme blues to write and create his comeback.


"This intense period in my life made me feel more connected with the music I grew up with and the modern soul I am experiencing today. I'm an 80's kid, so very much aware of today's blues due to the rise and fall I had to go through".

"I am combining these two emotions into a more contemporary sound. Apart from my recognizable voice you'll sense a very noticeable difference in sound compared to my earlier records. I had to dig deep inside and face the struggle to find myself".


NEW EP release in September 2017 followed by a Dutch tour in September/October, hopefully followed by other European territories in 2018. Boris can now be booked internationally through Six Degrees Entertainment in association with our partner Mark van den Bergh.


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